NCIS, Season 11

NCIS, Season 11


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2013-09-24
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 26

Description (NCIS, Season 11)

In Season 11, the NCIS team deals with the aftermath of an explosion that results in a casualty connected to the agency. Tony travels to Israel on the search for missing Ziva, and Gibbs and McGee head to Afghanistan to solve a murder. New analyst Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop joins the team, helping on a case that she predicted two years before.


Title Time Price
1 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 43:02 USD 1.99
2 Past, Present, and Future 43:35 USD 1.99
3 Under the Radar 42:09 USD 1.99
4 Anonymous Was a Woman 43:24 USD 1.99
5 Once a Crook 43:57 USD 1.99
6 Oil & Water 41:27 USD 1.99
7 Better Angels 43:54 USD 1.99
8 Alibi 42:27 USD 1.99
9 Gut Check 43:50 USD 1.99
10 Devil's Triad 43:53 USD 1.99
11 Homesick 42:59 USD 1.99
12 Kill Chain 43:52 USD 1.99
13 Double Back 43:28 USD 1.99
14 Monsters and Men 42:26 USD 1.99
15 Bulletproof 42:02 USD 1.99
16 Dressed to Kill 43:35 USD 1.99
17 Rock and a Hard Place 42:27 USD 1.99
18 Crescent City 41:33 USD 1.99
19 Crescent City: Part II 40:36 USD 1.99
20 Page Not Found 42:53 USD 1.99
21 Alleged 40:37 USD 1.99
22 Shooter 43:31 USD 1.99
23 The Admiral's Daughter 42:34 USD 1.99
24 Honor Thy Father 43:50 USD 1.99
25 Behind the Scenes With NSA Analyst Ellie 03:07 Season Only
26 NCIS: A Look Into Season 11 01:37 Season Only

Trailer (NCIS, Season 11)


  • Never let down by NCIS

    By Herb1632
    This is the best. I wasn't sure what it would be like without cote, but I actually like it way more without her. Emily is great. The writers did an amazing job, as usual!!!!
  • One of the greatest series.

    By Trustworthy 55
    Everything just comes together. Like magic.
  • Crescent City = Epic

    By IanNCC1701
    The Crescent City Episodes were fantastic. I really hope they make NCIS New Orleans into it's own show. It had great characters and the leader is played by Scott Backula who is one of the best television actors of all time. It was unique and fun. PLEASE MAKE IT ITS OWN SHOW!!!
  • Love the show

    By EAB3
    Love the show and I think a New Orleans show would be great. Also I think they meant part II not Part Ii
  • Where is the New Orleans episode???

    By Joe-A
    Come on and post it!
  • Ncis

    By Vampire 23 and wolf
    I hope that they are making a season 12. If they are not i will be sad because this is my top 1 favorite cop show ever because it has action an drama. Because my school has a lot of drama and its getting so stupied. Some people in my school can keep they little mouth closed when their friends tell them something.
  • Unacceptable delays posting shows

    By FionaJT
    Love the series but - not for the first time this season - iTunes is well behind posting shows for download. The 1 star is for the service that isn’t being provided for the money paid. Crescent City part I aired on 25 March - that’s 4 days ago and still isn’t available for download.
  • Where is the latest NCIS 3/25/2014

    By spatch07
    Why is the latest episode and does it sometimes take so long getting updated!!!! I love this show Apple or CBS get it together, it is 3/29/2014 its been 4 days!
  • Still Waiting for 25 March Episode

    By Flynn1111
    Love the show. But where's Episode 18?? I still haven't got it!
  • Where is episode 18???

    By Pepe2W
    what is going on????