Jersey Shore, Season 6

Jersey Shore, Season 6

Jersey Shore

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2012-10-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 19

Description (Jersey Shore, Season 6)

Summer after summer, we’ve watched them party, tan, and throw-down on the Jersey Shore. And now, America’s favorite roommates head to the shore one last time. Fresh out of rehab, Mike "The Situation" is navigating the party-world of clubs and nightlife while maintaining his sobriety and mending relationships with his former roommates. MVP is finally back! And with Mike’s newfound maturity, he may even decide to make it official with his on-and-off girl Paula. Deena is in love for the first time and turns to hardcore partying while struggling with being away from her boyfriend. Jenni and Roger’s relationship continues to grow and get pushed to its limits. Speaking of rocky relationships, Sammi and Ron are back together. In the bromance department, Vinny & Pauly are still going strong. And all the roommates rally around Snooki as she goes through her pregnancy as only she can! It’s a Jersey Shore Baby on the way and all the girls throw Snooki a shower. Seaside is home and to this Jersey Shore family, there’s no better place to bring up baby. But even with impending adulthood, you can’t tame this crew. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Title Time Price
1 Once More Unto the Beach 41:01 USD 0.99
2 No Shame, Good Integrity 41:02 USD 0.99
3 Toxic Shots Syndrome 40:42 USD 0.99
4 Blues, Balls & Brawls 40:51 USD 0.99
5 Merp Walk 41:01 USD 0.99
6 Let's Make It Official 41:01 USD 0.99
7 Great Meatballs of Fire 41:48 USD 0.99
8 Control the Crazy 41:01 USD 0.99
9 Make it Unofficial 39:54 USD 0.99
10 Shore Shower 39:31 USD 0.99
11 Awkward! 41:01 USD 0.99
12 Raining Men & Meatballs 41:02 USD 0.99
13 The Icing On the Cake 41:30 USD 0.99
14 Reunion 40:27 USD 0.99
15 Gym, Tan, Look Back 41:44 Free
16 Most Outrageous Moments 32:30 Free
17 BTS Photoshoot 04:10 Free
18 Blooper Special: Breakdowns, Boobs and B 21:08 Free
19 Dictionary Special 21:10 Free

Trailer (Jersey Shore, Season 6)


  • Super duper awesome 😍😜👍

    By RubyVarA
    Vinny is my fav number #1 part of my soul
  • 👌👌👌👌👌

    By 💖Alexis💖
    Impressive I just wished I kept up with the show dates
  • Awesome

    By Curlytail0160
  • Reunion

    By Tlove409
    Where is the reunion?!
  • Reunion show?

    By Notme1213
    Why wouldn't they have a review show since its the last season. Come on get it together guys
  • Reunion?

    By ComeOniTunes!
    Where is the reunion!?!!
  • Don't buy

    By ITwasJOE
    Use any other means to watch it if you want. Waste of money. Don't respect the consumer. I asked for a refund
  • Jersey shore

    By Pink star 102
    Can u please add the new episodes that came in so we can downloaded I am waiting for the episode 6 to show up
  • Where's the latest episode!?

    By Gracehv
    Why is iTunes taking so long to upload the new episodes? Last one was 3 days ago!! I purchased the entire season pass!!
  • Irritated

    By LizinNJ
    Why pay for a season pass when the latest episode is still not available? Can I get a refund??