Nathan for You, Season 4

Nathan for You, Season 4

Nathan for You

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2017-09-21
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 10

Description (Nathan for You, Season 4)

Nathan’s business plans are more elaborate and ingenious than ever in Season 4 as he helps a local cab company combat Uber, makes a computer repair service more trustworthy and revisits some friends from past seasons.


Title Time Price
1 Nathan for You: A Celebration 41:45 USD 1.99
2 The Richards Tip 21:23 USD 1.99
3 Chili Shop / Massage Parlor 21:23 USD 1.99
4 Andy vs. Uber 21:53 USD 1.99
5 The Anecdote 21:22 USD 1.99
6 Shipping Logistics Company 21:23 USD 1.99
7 Computer Repair / Psychic 21:23 USD 1.99
8 Finding Frances 1:24:04 USD 1.99

Trailer (Nathan for You, Season 4)


  • A masterpiece

    By akwardsmile
    One of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time.
  • Nathan for Everyone

    By YJ Choi
    Nathan Fielder and his production team are a truly talented group that are able to milk every last bit of awkward comedy out of interactions with regular people and even people he hires via Craigslist. This show is filled with comedic moments and memorable scenes and dialogue. A must-see for anyone who enjoys comedy in the awkward/cringe category while staying true to his goal of helping businesses in unorthodox and out-of-the-box ways. This show will cause you to question the ordinary business tactics that most corporations employ with Nathan’s fresh perspective on how to help businesses.
  • Educational Tool

    By Douglas Quade
    No better way to teach my students about the values of persistence and inguinity than to sit them down to a full series run of NFU.