Saved By the Bell, Season 1

Saved By the Bell, Season 1

Saved By the Bell

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2006-02-14
  • Episodes: 20

Description (Saved By the Bell, Season 1)

Meet young Zack Morris, perhaps the most enterprising student at the Bayside School in Palisades, California. By Zack's own admission, he loves school...too bad that classes get in the way. Zack sees himself as a heartthrob, and vies with new student A.C. Slater for the attentions of Kelly, the prettiest girl in the school. Often involved in their outlandish plots are Screech, the class clown and electronics genius, and Lisa, the school's fashion plate. Jessie tries to be the voice of sanity, often persuading the gang to do the right thing. School principal Mr. Belding tries desperately to connect with the younger generation but always misses the mark. But Max, owner of the hangout, knows how to reach the kids as he serves up dazzling magic tricks along with the hamburgers.


Title Time Price
1 Dancing to the Max 22:18 USD 0.99
2 The Lisa Card 22:18 USD 0.99
3 The Gift 22:17 USD 0.99
4 Fatal Distraction 22:19 USD 0.99
5 Screech's Woman 22:19 USD 0.99
6 Aloha Slater 22:18 USD 0.99
7 The Substitute 23:20 USD 0.99
8 Cream for a Day 22:17 USD 0.99
9 Pinned to the Mat 23:03 USD 0.99
10 Beauty and the Screech 22:51 USD 0.99
11 The Friendship Business 23:24 USD 0.99
12 The Mamas and the Papas 22:49 USD 0.99
13 The Babysitters 22:16 USD 0.99
14 The Election 22:58 USD 0.99
15 The Zack Tapes 22:17 USD 0.99
16 King of the Hill 22:19 USD 0.99
17 Save That Tiger 23:23 USD 0.99
18 Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind 22:16 USD 0.99
19 Screech's Birthday 23:24 USD 0.99
20 Slater's Friend 22:19 USD 0.99

Trailer (Saved By the Bell, Season 1)


  • Cool tomboy gamer girl 10000000

    By tomboy gamergirl 1000000000000
    I have never watched it or even heard of it until now. I saw it for the first time and I love it
  • What a great Show

    By Coolrockkid
    I love this show. I'm only 21 but I used to watch it when I was younger and plus it gives me an insight into what school life was like in the 1980s!
  • Love this show. It is the best thing ever. I watch it every single day and can't stop it's so awesom


    By Avery 😛
    I'm in love with Saved by the Bell!!😍😍 I was soooo upset when they stopped airing it on TV, but now that it is only four dollars for an entire season, I am happy again. A must have!!!
  • YESS!!

    By prettyflower101
    ~~Tiffani Theissen as Kelly Kapowski a is seriously the most amazing character ever! I really liked Tiffani in White Collar as Elle Burke. Once Jimmy Fallon did the reunion I was like "Oh my goodness, that't Tiffani Theissen." I instantly had to watch the first episode. Now, I'm hooked!~~
  • Great Show

    By Eh0394
    One of the best shows ever! I just wish they had more of the seasons on iTunes. I like it how iTunes has shows from the 70's, 80's, and 90's because usually those shows aren't on tv today they are showing newer shows which is sad. I mean "Full House" is on Nick at Nite and "The Brady Bunch" is on the Hallmark Channel. Saved by the Bell used to be on TBS but they replaced it with Tim the Tool Man :( which is very sad. I like Tim the Tool Man but not as much as I like Saved by the Bell. I'm trying to do at least one thousand characters so..... I have five thousand three hundred ninety four characters left. I like Screech. Did you know that Saved by the Bell used to be called Good Morning Miss. Bliss except that show did not have Slater,Jessie, or Kelly. There were two people named Nikki and Micky. But Screech, Zach, and Lisa were in it. One hundred thirty four more to go until I finish my review I finished with five thousand thirty characters remaining. :)
  • saved by the bell

    By nikgle
    it's one of the best shows i have ever seen and it's hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best show ever go screech

    By The old ninja
    This is a amazing show and go screech
  • Great

    By no name 1,001
    Team Slater
  • Saved by the bell

    By Samalambadingdong
    I love this show and it is 2013! But I would like to know where r the other seasons there is only season 1 but I know there more seasons! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! IT'S MY FAVORITE!!!!!